The Power of Cretex Medical
rms - Implant and Component Machining


  • Contract manufacturing of orthopaedic implants and assemblies
  • State-of-the-art precision machining and titanium additive technologies

rms Surgical - Instruments, Cases and Trays

rms Surgical

  • Design and fabrication of sterilization cases and trays
  • Multiple instrumentation manufacturing facilities
  • Fast-turnaround prototype and production requirements

Meier - Metal Stamping


  • Custom metal stamping
  • Small and miniature metal-formed components and assemblies

Spectralytics - Laser Machining and Welding


  • Precision micro-machining and assembly of implantable devices and components
  • Laser cutting, welding and drilling
  • Metals, composites, plastics and polymers

JunoPacific - Device Design and Molding


  • Micro- and multi-shot injection molding technology
  • Custom components, sub-assemblies, and fully kitted devices

QTS - Device Assembly and Packaging


  • Critical end-of-line processes and services for finished medical devices
  • Assembly, kitting, labeling, and packaging
  • Engineering validations and sterilization management
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