It started with a dream and the drive to match big challenges with new solutions.

In 1917, L.D. Bailey and D.W. Longfellow envisioned the need for a comprehensive, reliable transportation system as the foundation for economic development. From this vision, Cretex Companies, Inc. was born with the mission to supply quality concrete drainage products to advance the expanding infrastructure needs of a growing nation.

Steady growth through diversification creates a strong financial position

Cretex has evolved and thrived by building a business dedicated to long-term relationships. By anticipating customer needs, providing the highest-quality products and delivering exceptional service, we’ve continued to achieve our goal of creating lasting partnerships and enduring financial stability. Over the years, Cretex has expanded geographically through the strategic acquisition of companies that enhance our ability to better serve our customers. As a result, you can trust that the Cretex family of companies has the latest resources and a lasting commitment to your success.

Smart companies work in concert to provide the most advanced solutions

Over the last 15 years, new technologies and strategic acquisitions have given us the unique ability to offer a true single source manufacturing solution for the medical companies we serve. As a customer, that means you can count on the highest possible quality, speed, and innovation to match your changing needs. The ideals of our founders continue to drive how we manage our companies. In every industry we serve, we help our customers find the best way forward. Our unwavering spirit of innovation combined with the deep financial resources necessary to invest in leading-edge technologies and people, give you a distinct competitive advantage in today’s global markets.

Upholding a true standard for ethical excellence

For over a century, Cretex has earned a reputation for consistently holding true to the core principles of honesty and integrity. Our employees take great pride in their work and the level of service they offer our customers. Because of this, our companies continue to earn the highest level of confidence and loyalty from our customers, suppliers, employees, owners, and stakeholders.

Cretex Companies Headquarters